Taking care of your surfaces is important in maintaining the overall health and cleanliness of your home and and can save you money by helping to make the surfaces and materials last longer. Below are several simple ways to maintain your marble, tile, and stone surfaces that will help your surfaces last longer and remove harmful bacteria and other particles.

  1. Wipe down your surfaces regularly. Food, dust, and other particles can easily become attached to surfaces, especially kitchen countertops. Whether particles are visible to you or not, wipe down surfaces with a damp cleaning cloth or use a disinfectant spray with paper towels to remove the particles. If your surfaces are dusty, use a feather duster or dusting cloth to remove dust particles, and then wipe down your surfaces to remove additional particles.
  2. Scrub your surfaces regularly. Whether you tend to drop foods, liquids, or other materials often or not, particles can easily become attached to surfaces and tend to build up quickly. Sometimes these particles are hard to see or rarely noticed. Use a scrub brush with a cleaning disinfectant liquid or spray to remove particles from floors, countertops, and more.
  3. Vacuum often and well. Hair, dust, and other materials can become lodged in hidden or hard-to-reach places. Invest in a tile vacuum with a long, flexible hose and nozzle that will help you access difficult areas. Vacuum your tile (and carpet) at least once a week, if not more often, depending on the number of people that live in your home, the absence or presence of pets, and other factors.
  4. Polish your surfaces yourself or have them polished regularly by a professional cleaning company.  You may want to polish your surfaces yourself by using polishing sprays and cleaning cloths to increase shine and luster. Professional cleaning companies can polish your surfaces and seal them to prevent scratches and other signs of wear, as well as removing bacteria from your surfaces through a cleaning process.

Service Max Cleaning and Restoration is one such company that has been serving South Florida, particularly North and South Miami and Fort Lauderdale, since 1984 and offers services that include fire damage restoration, water damage restoration, air duct cleaning, carpet cleaning, furniture cleaning, stone polishing, mold removal/remediation, oriental rug cleaning, and tile and grout cleaning.

Their surface polishing service procedure involves pre-treating all areas, including masking all non-treated areas, maintaining all surfaces dry for polishing processes, honing using abrasive compounds, cleaning, and grease cutting materials to remove various types of flaws, polishing surfaces after a thorough rinse to bring back the natural luster, and sealing surfaces to secure the finish. For more information, visit servicemaxcr.com or call (305) 856-1333.