Upholstery Cleaning in Miami: Preserving Your Cloth Furniture

Furniture upholstery can easily become stained or damaged, especially if you have children, entertain guests often, or own pets. Food, liquids, dirt, and other materials can damage your cloth furniture, and dust, mold and bacteria can become lodged in cloth particles and cause allergies. In order to keep these pollutants from entering your body and to […]

Reasons to Have Your Tile and Grout Cleaned

Let’s face it: having your tile and grout cleaned probably seems like an unnecessary chore and a superfluous expense. Furthermore, you may not think that your floors are “dirty enough” to need a thorough cleaning. However, having your tile and grout cleaned can save you more money in the long run because it will remove […]

Feeling Green? Just Clean!

Mold is a naturally occurring organism that can exist in many areas of your home, from your refrigerator to your shower, and may dramatically affect your health. It multiplies and spreads quickly and can thus become an oft-occurring nuisance to homeowners and business owners. Mold can cause humans to become extremely ill and also damages […]


Taking care of your surfaces is important in maintaining the overall health and cleanliness of your home and and can save you money by helping to make the surfaces and materials last longer. Below are several simple ways to maintain your marble, tile, and stone surfaces that will help your surfaces last longer and remove […]

After the Fire: Saving Your Surfaces

Whether your home experienced the results of a small or large fire, restoring your home to a clean, smoke-free environment as soon as possible is crucial to maintaining the status of your furnishings. This process can be aggravating, difficult, and time-consuming, and while you can complete certain measures on your own or with the help […]

Mold Removal: Understanding Mold Problems in Your Home

If you know or suspect that you have a mold problem in your home, it’s crucial to contact mold removal services immediately. Why? Because while mold might not pose any immediate threats at first, it can develop into a deadly poison that contaminates your property. Mold is part of the natural environment that surrounds us, so it’s […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned

Many homeowners are skeptical about cleaning their air ducts, asking, “Is it really necessary?” Though we might not think about them on a daily basis, the reality is that the air ducts in our home play an incredible role in our everyday lives. If you use central air conditioning or heating, then it’s crucial to […]

3 Incredible Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Vacuuming is one of the most common techniques we use to clean our homes. Whether we’re preparing for the guests we’re about to have over for dinner or simply want to keep the house clean, we pull out the vacuum cleaner and clean away! But did you know that there’s more to vacuum cleaning that […]


From broken plumbing to the fury of Mother Nature, there are many situations that can cause water damage. Regardless of the source of your water damage, it’s important to act immediately and seek help from professional water damage restoration in the greater Miami and West Palm Beach area. Even with 24-hour emergency restoration services available, it’s important […]