How To Clean and Maintain Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs add a polished, cosmopolitan touch to any home or apartment and can make a space, whether small or large, feel much more elegant. Quality oriental rugs are usually expensive, and in order to make them last as long as possible, cleaning them regularly and maintaining them should be a priority to ensure that they last and remain in good condition. Below you will find several simple tips to help you clean and preserve your oriental rugs.

  1. Vacuum: This suggestion is very simple and straightforward: vacuum your oriental rugs often, especially if you own pets, entertain guests regularly or have children. After thoroughly vacuuming one side of the rug, check to see if the other side needs to be vacuumed as well by hitting it and watching to see if dust, hair, or other particles rise out of it. If so, flip the rug over and vacuum the other side.
  2. Remove Stains ASAP: Check your rugs fairly often for stains. As soon as you notice a stain, remove it as soon as possible to ensure that it does not sit on your rug and become permanent or more difficult to remove. Again, as with the first suggestion, flip your rug over to make sure that there are no stains on the other side, and if so, remove them as soon as possible.
  3. Shake It Out: Dirt, dust, and other materials can easily become attached to rugs. Take your rug outside and gently shake it in order to remove such materials. You may want to take a spatula, fly swatter, or simply your hand and gently beat your rug. This suggestion will also help you see any potential stains more easily.

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