After the Fire: Saving Your Surfaces

Whether your home experienced the results of a small or large fire, restoring your home to a clean, smoke-free environment as soon as possible is crucial to maintaining the status of your furnishings. This process can be aggravating, difficult, and time-consuming, and while you can complete certain measures on your own or with the help of family or friends, you may want to consider employing the aid of professional cleaning company that specializes in Fire Damage Restoration.

After your home has been cleared as a safe place to re-enter following a fire, one of the first areas you will want to consider dealing with in terms of cleaning and restoration is the surfaces of your home. This includes the walls, counter tops, ceilings, and floors. Smoke can permeate walls and floors very quickly, and both damages surfaces and leaves a foul scent behind.

Ventilating your home by turning on your air conditioning unit and fans and opening your windows can be helpful in removing the smell of smoke from your home. Smoke tends to seep into various materials and lingers, so you will want to clean and remove necessary items as quickly as possible. Soot may have stained your carpets or window furnishings, and if so, you may want to consider hiring a professional to remove the soot with a heavy-duty vacuum, or you may want to do the job yourself by using a heavy-duty vacuum nozzle to remove the soot.

Concerning tile and textiles, you may want to wipe down hard surfaces with a clean dust cloth or a damp wash cloth or cleaning cloth to remove soot and other residue and bacteria. Washing window furnishings like drapes or other cloth items like tablecloths and cloth coasters can help remove bacteria and the strong smell of smoke.

Service Max Cleaning and Restoration is a professional company that has been serving South Florida, particularly North and South Miami and Fort Lauderdale, since 1984 and offers services that include fire damage restoration, water damage restoration, air duct cleaning, carpet cleaning, furniture cleaning, stone polishing, mold removal/remediation, oriental rug cleaning, and tile and grout cleaning.

Service Max uses the industry’s most advanced carpet cleaning system to remove soot and other particles from carpets to restore them to their original health. They have two different methods that they use, which are the steam cleaning method and the dry-vapor method; the dry-vapor method dries in half of the time as the steam cleaning method and leaves very little detergent residue, unlike the steam cleaning method.

Additionally, Service Max offers a number of fire damage restoration services, including debris removal, deodorization, dehumidification, and cleaning and repairing walls, ceilings, floors, fixtures, air ducts, hard and soft surfaces. To contact Service Max, visit or call (305) 856-1333