The Extraction of Flood Water

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If you have a flood in your home, and have carpeting in that area, it would be important to extract the water from the carpet. Why would you be concerned about the carpet? Isn’t carpeting made out of the same fabric as towels and other pieces of cloth? The problem with carpeting is that it can become soggy, and begin to attract allergen materials.

Flood Water Extraction Carpets . . .

No one likes the smell of wet or damp carpeting in their home and in many cases it can be hazardous to people’s health. Flood waters can contain in many cases bacteria or other potentially harmful particles because of the flood water containing outside contaminants. If the water is not extracted properly it can lead to long term health issues for people living in the property for an extended period of time. This can create an unlivable environment for many people. What is the best source of action in regards to water mitigation?

Water Damage Explanation

Each type of water damage has a classification that needs to be looked at in order to address the flooded water damage effectively.

  • If it is dirty water than the carpet would need to be completely removed, because of the water being biologically hazardous to a person’s health, because of it being caused by a sewage issue.
  • Grey water is chemically enthused water that can come from washing machine overflowing or chlorinated water being emptied out. In many cases the carpet can be safe for the removal if the proper extracting chemicals are used.
  • Clean water is if a water pipe breaks and soaks the floor which is the least harmful in regards to removal.

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Water Extraction Process

One of the primary parts that needs to be done is water extraction. When you do water extraction it requires the use of specialized vacuums and dehumidifiers in order to remove water from the area. This will allow for thorough removal of all the moisture from the carpeted areas. After this is done, we will spray down then the area will be sprayed down with a de containment’s in order to prevent the spread of mold in the carpeted areas.