Water Damage Restoration Do’s

Do’s and Don’ts of Water Damage Restoration South Florida

When it comes to handling any type of water damage restoration in your home or business, it is important to handle the situation properly.

Do these things . . .

  • Turn Off Electricity
  • Assess Water Type
  • Remove Saturated Building Materials
  • Hire a Professional if Necessary
  • Act Quickly

Whenever dealing with standing water, you always want to make sure you cut the electricity to avoid the possibility of electrocution during your assessment and handling of the situation.

You’ll also want to determine what type of water is present, if it is dirty or sewage water you’ll definitely want to hire a professional.

If you are looking to get started and save on some costs, you can remove water damaged materials from the home or business. Any saturated carpet, drywall, insulation, etc should be discarded to avoid mold growth and potential indoor air quality issues in the future.

If the water extraction and drying is over your head, do not be afraid to hire a professional. If you are going to put the work through insurance, you might as well let them go from start to finish since the only thing coming out of your pocket will be the deductible which will not change whether or not you did any work.

Regardless of what route you choose to go the #1 thing to do is act quickly. The longer you let building materials and personal belongings sit saturated, the more likely it will be that it will be unsalvageable and the greater the possibility for mold growth will be.

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Don’t do these things . . .

  • Take on More you Can Handle
  • Handle Drying on Your Own
  • Rebuild Too Quickly

Be honest with yourself in terms of what you can take on in terms of a a DIY water damage restoration. Chances are if there is inches or feet of standing water, it should be handled by a professional. After water gets to a certain level and starts saturating drywall and wood, it is most likely beyond what you should do on your own.

Many people attempt to bring in box fans in an attempt to dry but that simply doesn’t cut it most of the time. Industrial size fans and Dehumidifiers can get the job done much better and just as important quickly. Mold can start to grow in 24 to 48 hours and that is why getting everything dry is so important. One big mistake people make is rebuilding too soon after the drying is complete. They feel the studs and they are dry to the touch but really a moisture meter would show the wood is still wet. So they put up new drywall which traps moisture and humidity. The end results is serious mold problems coming somewhere down the road.

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